Cool Trivia About Miss Fiddler
  • She's lived in Warner all her life
  • Her three gray tabby cats are named Hannah, Zeke and Rachel
  • She's best friends with Deputy Ray Corcoran
  • Miss Fiddler, Deputy Ray and Miss Janine grew up together
  • Her Dad used to be Sheriff of Warner

Miss Fiddler's father, once the Sheriff of Warner, wanted her to go to law school and then work for the Sheriff's Department. The closest she got was being best buddies with Sheriff's Deputy Ray Corcoran.

Known as "the coolest teacher at Warner School", Miss Fiddler wanted to be a teacher since she was 5. Her passion for learning led her to a teaching degree with her strength being math and science.

And her room wasn't your typical class ...

Room 6 was like nothing Kathy had ever seen before. Desks took up most of the space but soft chairs formed a reading area in back. A jigsaw puzzle sat on a nearby table. She stood at the door as other students walked in around her. She could hear the sounds of an aquarium and, when she looked up, saw brightly colored kites hanging from the ceiling.
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