Deputy Ray's Fact Sheet

He grew up in Warner
Has been a Sheriff's Deputy for 10 years
Favorite food is Chinese take out
Wants to go to law school
Has been best friends with Scottie Fiddler since high school
After college and the police academy, he returned to Warner and joined the  Sheriff's Department. Deputy Ray Cororan loves two things: keeping Warner safe and a good mystery.

He attended Warner School and was in the same class as Miss Fiddler and Janine McKellum. They were always together and doing things even at football games where Deputy Ray was on the team and Miss Fiddler and Janine were cheering him on.

When Janine died, a piece of Deputy Ray died too. And while he was a bit worried about Kathy and Martha's detective adventures, he was secretly glad that Kathy had found something interesting.

        "There aren't any glasses on the evidence list," Ray said. "I think you have a good theory about them though."
        "You do?" Martha asked.
        "Yeah. It's a good thought. Now we just have to back it up with some hard evidence. But it's the first break we've had."
        "May I see the crime scene pictures?" Kathy asked. "The ones of the kitchen?"
        Ray passed them to her and he and Miss Fiddler watched while she flipped through them. Kathy felt important.
        "Hmm. Nope. I thought if I looked at them something would come to me but it didn't. I'm sorry."
        "No need to apologize," Ray said. "You two have done good work."

Will Kathy, Martha and Deputy Ray untangle the mystery of who killed Miss Janine?
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