Stuff You Want to Know About Martha
  • She bites her nails
  • Her brother Norman is a pain
  • She's a 6th grader in Miss Fiddler's class
  • She loves french fries
  • Her favorite color is purple

Martha Cunningham has lived on the island of Warner, North Carolina all her life. Because of that, there is nothing she can hide from anyone, especially her mother, Carmella.

Martha's Dad left one day to go to the store and never came back. So Carmella, Martha and Martha's pesky older brother Norman live together in a trailer park which is embarrassing to Martha.

To me, where I live is trailer trash haven. I didn't think Kathy knew where I lived but she'd followed me home one day after I'd made too many excuses about playing at my house. She told me I didn't have to be embarrassed in front of her because she was my friend.

With Martha's lifelong knowledge of Warner and its residents and Kathy's puzzle solving skills, these two are sure to solve the mystery of who killed Miss Janine!
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