Fun Kathy Facts
  • She loves her orange tabby cat, Fuzzhead
  • Doesn't like Norm Parkey
  • Is a 6th grader at Warner School
  • Her favorite color is ballet pink
  • Might want to be a chef someday like Miss Janine
  • Thinks Martha is the greatest

Moving away from Cherry Hill, New Jersey to Warner, North Carolina has been hard for Kathy. She had to leave all her friends and the school she'd gone to all her life.

At Warner School, she's put into Miss Fiddler's class. This school has kindergarten all the way through 12th grade and Kathy feels so out of place with the older students.

When I got to school that first day I stood just outside the playground. Watching kids I had never seen before play in the sand (yes, sand) made me feel shy. I glanced around to see if anyone was watching and then racked my bike and locked it up.
I really hated being new.
You know what that's like: that awful combination of wanting to be included while at the same time being invisible.

When Kathy heard about the murder of her friend, Miss Janine, she decided to do something about it. But she needed help and that help came in the form of Martha Cunningham.

The day she died, I overheard Miss Janine and a guy named Connor something-or-other fighting about a recipe. She said that he couldn't read. And he said that she was a thief. Martha and I decided that we needed to solve this mystery and that's when we started our detective agency.

Will Kathy and Martha solve the mystery of who killed Miss Janine? Only time will tell ...
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