Stuff About John Tucker
  • He's been the janitor at Warner School for 10 years
  • He has a secret he's trying to hide
  • Embarrassed about how he treated people when he was younger
  • Needs glasses to read
  • Lives in a messy trailor just outside of town

John Tucker has led a very difficult life. His father and mother tried to give him the best they could but sometimes that just wasn't enough.

John met and married LeAnn when he was 18 years old. The marriage didn't work out.

Although John was a genius with computers, his wife's departure made him bitter and he found himself on hard times. The only job he could find that let him keep to himself was being the janitor at Warner School.

He and Connor Samson share a common problem: they both need glasses to read. And those glasses are a key clue in Kathy and Martha's investigation.

When John Tucker saw Kathy Harmon in the main office at school, he smirked. It wasn't a smile or a grin. It was a condescending smirk. As he bent down to retrieve the markers she'd been sent to get by Miss Fiddler, she saw a pair of glasses swinging from a strap around his neck. They looked like the same ones that Connor Samson had and the ones she had stashed away in her blanket chest!

If these glasses were an important clue to the investigation and more than one person wore them, then who killed Miss Janine?
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