Things About Miss Janine
  • She loves cooking
  • Owns Janine's Restaurant in Warner, NC
  • Used to date Connor Sampson
  • Has never known her father
  • Wants to win a cooking competition

Janine McKellum has been cooking for people most of her life. Her Mom worked two jobs when she was little so they could live in a nice apartment and that left Janine with the job of making supper every night.

Her grandmother taught her the value of using everything you could. Janine quickly learned how to make leftovers into new dinners and spent her spare time watching cooking shows on TV and dreaming of a life she wanted.

After finding out about Kathy's physical limitations, Janine told her about hers.

When I was in culinary school, I cut my hand so badly that I severed some nerves. There are parts of my right hand that I can't feel or use anymore and I really have to compensate for it in the kitchen. A friend of mine helped me do some exercises with the parts of my hand that still worked and I thought we could devise the same strategy for Kathy.

It wasn't long after that Miss Janine was murdered. But who did it?
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