Let's play. I'll give you some questions and you can answer them and then check your answers. First, get a piece of scrap paper and a pencil or pen. As you go through the questions, write down your answers. You'll have a link at the bottom to check your answers.

All you need is to get one right -- hey that's not bad out of 10 questions! -- and you'll get to read the as-yet-unpublished first chapter of Mudder, the next book in the series.

The answers can be found throughout this website so you may have to do a little treasure hunting but that's the fun part!

All set? Let's play!
Fun & Games
1.        Jake's favorite food is ...
a.        Alpo
b.        Dry kibble
c.        Potato chips
d.        Friskies

2.        The name of Kathy's cat is ...
a.        Fluffy
b.        Mr. Mittens
c.        Orangeade
d.        Fuzzhead

3.        Martha has a favorite color. What is it?
a.        Purple
b.        Blue
c.        Pink
d.        Green

4.        Miss Janine learned how to cook from ...
a.        Mom
b.        Aunt Jan
c.        Grandmother
d.        Kathy

5.        Connor owns a restaurant in Warner. Which one is it?
a.        The Porch
b.        Old Salt
c.        Harvey's Crab Shack
d.        Mariner's Catch

6.        How long has John Tucker worked as a janitor at Warner School?
a.        10 years
b.        3 months
c.        Forever
d.        5 years

7.        Where did Mr. Otto meet Janine and Connor?
a.        The beach
b.        Oceanside
c.        College
d.        Culinary school

8.        What grade does Miss Fiddler teach?
a.        1st
b.        5th
c.        6th
d.        12th

9.        Where does Bitter Tastes take place?
a.        Warner
b.        Oceanside
c.        Cherry Hill
d.        Elmira

10.   What's Deputy Ray's favorite food?
a.        Pizza
b.        Chinese take out
c.        Burgers
d.        Vegetarian
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