About Connor Samson
  • He owns the Old Salt restaurant in Warner, NC
  • Used to date Janine McKellum
  • Wears the ugliest glasses on the planet
  • Has trouble reading
  • Is a bully

Connor Samson grew up the poor and unappreciated 7th son in a family of 9 kids. His parents worked hard to give their children the best of everything but even that wasn't very much.

In high school, Connor learned that he could push other people around and get his way. And this became his favorite method. When he saw something ... or someone ... he wanted, he took it.

He met Janine McKellum in culinary school and they dated. Janine was a much better cook and student than he was. Rather than help himself and work within his limits, he relied on her to help him with recipes, using his learning disability as an excuse.

Connor screamed, "I created the torta rustica recipe you're using for the competition in Europe and I'm ready to contact the officials about that. "
"You're dyslexic and have been faking it for years," said Janine in response. "Merely pretending to read with your gaudy glasses. You wouldn't know if the recipe I'm using is yours or not."
Connor clearly over-powered her by height, weight and brute strength. "You ready to surrender?" he asked Janine. She didn't respond and he pushed harder. "Remove the recipe from your menu immediately or we'll have another discussion."

Shortly after that conversation, Janine McKellum was found dead. Is Connor the killer?
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