Kathy Harmon
Kathy wants to fit into her new school but doesn't know anyone and has a secret she's sure will keep her from making friends ...
Martha Cunningham
Martha has lived her whole life in Warner, North Carolina and she knows absolutely everyone!
Miss Janine
There's nothing like making a friend in a new place and Miss Janine -- the best chef in Warner -- helps Kathy feel at home.
Connor Samson
Life as a chef isn't easy for Miss Janine when Connor is around...
John Tucker
The janitor at Kathy and Martha's school has a secret past!
Mr. Otto

Otto von Blumm runs Miss Janine's restaurant ... but his past intertwines with John Tucker's ...
Miss Fiddler

Kathy and Martha's 6th grade teacher is so cool she helps them solve their mystery.
Deputy Ray

Deputy Ray makes sure everyone in Warner is safe!

Deputy Ray's black lab is one cool puppy!
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