I've written stories since I was in the fifth grade. My very first was a short story I wrote with my best friend, Kathy Kellogg, about a lost dog.

We had been out playing one day and found a little dog on the street. We both wanted a dog ... but our parents only let us have cats! ... and we took food to him hoping we could keep him a secret long enough. He loved the tuna fish but didn't like having to hide in the storage closet in our apartment complex!

Our parents found out ... too soon ... and we had to find a home for him.

Bitter Tastes is the first book in a new series called The Kathy & Martha Mystery Series. Would you like to read what the book is about? Click here to step inside the pages of Bitter Tastes.

The second book in the series is called Mudder, which takes place at Lake Tillotson Sleepover Camp in the mountains of North Carolina and has a deaf Golden retriever as one of the main characters!

I hope you like Bitter Tastes and want to come back often to this site.
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